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Founded in 2022, Cohesion Foundation was established as an Ohio-based non-profit organization 501(c)(3) to unify corporate leaders, alumni, dedicated fans and charitable organizations to ensure current Ohio State student-athletes across all sports can use purpose-driven NIL commitments to positively impact the community. At the heart of Cohesion is the mission be a trusted resource to educate, connect and foster opportunities for current student-athletes to support charities in an effort to build a stronger community.

Our vision: An Ohio State student-athlete community where purpose-driven NIL commitments are available to all 1,000 athletes, across all 36 varsity sports.

  1. Cohesion connects current student-athletes to charities, bringing awareness of their missions, purposes and events to the Buckeye community. Student-athletes are compensate for their impactful services.
  2. Cohesion's focus is on athletes participating in charitable activities and providing educational components, such as educating on financial literacy and addressing the complex questions student-athletes may have regarding financial management as an NIL recipient.
  3. Cohesion will educate student-athletes regarding the importance of giving back to the community, as well as fostering a culture of paying it forward among the athlete community.
  4. Cohesion collects donations from community supporters to carry out its charitable purposes.

With COHESION at the foundation of a current Ohio State athlete's NIL journey, the right building blocks to successfully navigate NIL efforts will be established!

Educate | Connect | Serve | Lead

No. Cohesion Foundation is not owned or operated by The Ohio State University and Ohio State is not responsible for its actions.

No. Cohesion Foundation acts as an external organization and is afforded only the same rights, access, and privileges as similarly situated sponsors of Ohio State Athletics.

Yes. Cohesion Foundation has complete independence in organizational strategic planning, decision-making, staffing, operations, consulting, and personnel support.

Yes. Cohesion Foundation has been approved for tax-exempt status under Code Section 501(c)(3) and for classification as a public charity under Code Sections 509(a)(1) and 170(b)(1)(A)(vi).

Financial accountability and transparency are of the utmost importance to the Cohesion Foundation. Cohesion serves as a fundraising vehicle to serve current student-athlete and philanthropic communities. All funds are used appropriately and in line with the organization's values and mission statement. 

Please view our leadership page to view the board members.

No. This is a non-compensated term position as defined by the Bylaws of the Cohesion Foundation.


  • Buckeye Nation rallying in full support of OSU athletes, both physically and financially. 
  • Going beyond ‘watching’ OSU sports to becoming a financial supporter of our student athletes. 
  • Helping coaches navigate NIL expectations and athlete retention by supporting this collective. 
  • Committing to help keep Ohio State leading the nation in purpose-driven NIL opportunities. 
  • Reaching out to connect charitable organizations and respective events with Team Cohesion. 
  • Doing your part however big or small in connecting and supporting athletes in our community.